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Safely binding to events using namespaces in jQuery

This was a bit of a eurika moment for me a couple of weeks ago. For those who just want an answer jump to the bottom. I’m feeling a little playful so please, indulge me and read on!

So here’s me trying to create the next awesome photo gallery plugin in jQuery. It’s all sussed, pretty little thumbnails - check. Flawless scrolling (thanks to Perfect Scrollbar) - check. The image is dynamically generated to fill the space at the correct resolution using some awesome .net magic on azure (fed through a cdn and driven by Image Resizer on a scaleable cloud service) - check.

Now to finish this little wonder off, the modal viewer is , in css parlance, ‘absolutely’ positioned filling 100% width and height and I just need to javascript to let me know when the user resizes the window to regenerate the image. We also have previous, next and play buttons that I would like to be able to control using the keyboard - surely an expected function in any decent gallery! So lets bind to some events:

    //do some whizbang awesome stuff

    //using e.keyCode we can control the gallery prev next play and close


But, being the conscientious coder that I am, when the gallery is closed I want to clear up my code so, lets unbind these listeners.


Arghhh, but now my other epic plugin isn’t responding to keypresses, I’ve just removed the keydown listener from any and all window.keydown handlers that were previously implemented.

Namespace your events

Maybe I missed lesson one in jQuery but after much cussing it seems those clever devs saw this coming! After a little google of something along the lines of ‘well how the f&%k did you do it then?’ I found the answer, namespace your damned events or pay for it later. jQuery makes this incredibly easy to do:

    //do some whizbang awesome stuff

Followed at a later point by:


This will leave all other non or otherwise namespaced handlers intact.

FYI. You can also stack namespaces resize.nifty.trick, they are built much like classes in that thay lack any heirarchy and as such can be addressed and removed individually with .off('resize.nifty') or .off('resize.trick').

I hope this saves someone a few hours of head scratching, I’ve now a awfully raw bald patch that I fear may never recover!

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