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Hi! I’m Toby Foord, an IT developer based in Truro, Cornwall. I have been gainfully employed in the world of web development, intranet systems and consumer facing web applications for 5 years.

##Web Development

Starting out I entered the field at Tecker Ltd, an engineering firm, hoping to make use of my recently completed Electronic Engineering Bachelors from Exeter University. Conversely the board at the interview were far more interested in my handful of PHP and MySQL knowledge. Followed were my first steps into an IT department.

Within a few short months I had been tasked with the migration and extension of a fairly archaic classic ASP intranet. A fantastic, self managed role, wherein I would be provided the most scant, brief, fag-packet ideas and be left to realisation, development, testing, implementation and training. I trully was the jack of all trades!

I am now with Classic Cottages primarily working in Visual Basic and .NET on projects across multiple websites and internal systems. This position has provided me access to a mature development team with a fantastic pool of knowledge and some really unique projects.

##Family I have very recently added fatherhood to my list of qualifications with our little baby boy born Feb 2013. I say qualifications, I’m largely clueless and would certainly think twice before asking me for any advice. Thankfully the wife is far more au fait with child care (by literal qualification incidentally) so he is very healthy and incredibly happy.

##Aside In my time as a developer I have drunk approvimately 6000 cups of tea and 600 cups of coffee; coffee being generally reserved for those “Oh sh*t!” days, which, worryingly, would seem to be about 1 in 10 :/

Toby Foord - Web Developer

Hi, I'm Toby Foord. A 28 year old developer, wannabe designer, husband, and dad. I ocassionally commit, once in a while I tweet, and on a blue moon I might chat.