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The report card emailed by SamKnows showing the connection speed of my Internet Service Provider in the last month

SamKnows ISP Hunters

I just recieved an email confirming my enrolement to the SamKnows Broadband Performance Measurement Study! I think I applied for this over a year ago but still. Woop!

##Did YouKnow Over the last couple of years a project has been underway to collect the big picture of Broaband speeds across the EU. SamKnows have been heading the project, asking for 10,000 volunteers to come forth and request to be part of their research.

On being accepted to take part of this project you are provided with a piece of hardware called The Whitebox which plugs in to your router. Then its just a case of routing all of my ethernet devices through it and we’re good to go. The Whitebox intelligently monitors nearby wireless activity to ensure that there is no network activity when it runs the performance test incorporating checks for speed, latency, network quality etc…

The great part is that this data is presented to you in easy to read but really informative charts both through their website and via email once a month. Besides that your becoming part of a movement to put some real pressure on our ISPs, this information is aggregated and passed to OFCOM with the intention of highlighting the unrealistic promises the ISPs make and finally forcing improvements in transparency of their operations.

I can’t wait to be a part of this project and will be sure to keep you in the loop after a month or so of operation.

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